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SURPAC Software Prices

A SURPAC User Licence may be purchase outright, or leased for a prescribed period. The prices for outright purchase are listed below.

SURPAC SOFTWARE MODULE Southern Africa SADC All other Countries
SURPAC "Lite" (Entry Level Software Suite) R 7 100.00 $  520.00
SURPAC CONVERSIONS Module R 3 900.00 $  290.00
SURPAC LEAST SQUARES Module R 5 900.00 $  430.00
SURPAC TOPOGRAPHICAL Module R 6 400.00 $  470.00
SURPAC ENGINEERING Module R 8 500.00 $  620.00
SURPAC MINING Module R 8 500.00 $  620.00
SURPAC CADASTRAL (Standard) Module R 5 900.00 $  430.00
SURPAC CADASTRAL (Extended) Module R 8 100.00 $  590.00


SURPAC Maintenance Contract

A Software Maintenance Contract (SMC) is available at an annual cost of 10% of the current cost of the purchase software. This SMC entitles the purchase to automatically receive updates and amendments for all programs purchased (via downloaded files from this Internet site), thereby ensuring that the user has the latest software available.
The SMC also entitles the user to reasonable, free telephonic and/or e-mail software support.

The SURPAC “Lite” Module is the entry level suite of Survey Software applications and represents the minimum purchase of SURPAC for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 software.

Any, or all of the other modules listed may be added, at any time, to the  SURPAC “Lite” Module.

For multiple SURPAC Licence purchases the following discount structure is applicable. The minimum purchase required to qualify for this discount structure is the SURPAC “Lite” Module plus at least one other Module.

Discount Structure


1st Licence

Full Price

2nd Licence

20% Discount

3rd Licence

30% Discount

4th Licence

35% Discount

5th Licence

40% Discount

All further licences

40% Discount

Multi-user licences (min. 10 licences)

As per agreement


Special educational discounts apply for bona fide education institutions such as universities, technikons, polytechnics and technical colleges.


SURPAC is the Registered Trademark of K. W. Young in South Africa and other countries. Microsoft, MS-DOS, Windows, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are the Registered Trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation in the USA, South Africa and other countries.

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