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Training Sessions

SURPAC Surveying Software continues to evolve and most of our software developments and updates are done according to feedback from our users. Our training offering has also been amended to incorporate new technology and the changing needs of our users. Our training course also attract CPD points from the South African Geomatics Council (SAGC)..

Training recognises that SURPAC Surveying Software should, and does, interface with technologies such as Google Earth, Microstation, AutoCAD, GIS, Drones, LiDar and most surveying instruments. To that end, our courses cover the latest SURPAC Surveying Software version and provides the foundation for becoming a successful user of all SURPAC Surveying Software modules and plug-ins. Standard and customised course are designed and offered in the effective use of SURPAC Surveying Software in:


  1. Observations and coordinate file management
  2. Surveying computations, Coordinate Geometry
  3. Basic conversions and system to system data transformations
  4. Least Squares adjustments
  5. Contour creation and plotting as well as volume computations from both tachy and point cloud data
  6. Horizontal and vertical alignment of roads, rail and pipelines.
  7. Creation and plotting both longitudinal and cross sections as well as computing sectional volumes
  8. Underground peg calculations and gyro calibrations
  9. Creating and plotting of Diagrams, Working Plans, General Plans, Data sheets, Data and Consistency reports and Sectional Title Plans
  10. Interfacing of SURPAC with other technologies such as Google Earth and Cloud Compare

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Loose Rock Inventory using Point Cloud

Sectional Titles and Multi GP Sheets

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